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  • Maintains the nutritional value of forage and inhibit undesirable fermentation processes 

  • Reduces the risk of forage getting spoiled during bad weather

  • Enhances the nutritional value of forage during storage

  • Forage covered by Silage Film is of high density and is easily digestible by the cattle



  • Low-cost: No investment on storage tank or warehouse for forage

  • Durability- even in the presence of high UV radiation and agricultural chemicals

  • Performs well even at extreme temperatures - does not break or become brittle 

  • Avoids waste and saves cost



  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Resistant to weathering

  • High quality tackifier gives maximum cling to the film for an airtight seal on every bale 


Technical Data Specifications Range

  • Width: 250mm-1500mm

  • Thickness: 20μm-150μm

  • Length: 100m-2500m

  • Color: White, Black, Green & Clear (Optional Colours Avaliable on Request)

  • UV Sthbilized

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