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  1. All blown films, whether Mono (Single Layer) or Co-Extruded (two or more layers) have the granular resin and any additives fed by a heated screw barrel, forcing the molten resin into a circular die.

  2. The molten resins then blown vertically upwards and outwards (commonly called a bubble).

  3. The Bubble is gradually cooled by air as it ascends the tower.

  4. At the top of the tower the film is nipped together and drawn down to the  slitting and winding stations via guide rollers.

  5. Blown Film is the preferred manufacturing method to achieve higher Mechanical Properties.

  1. In the Cast Film process, the molten polymer is usually extruded through a slotted die.

  2. An internally cooled with chilled polished stainless steel rollers that give stable micron and high clarity properties.

  3. Thereafter the film passes through a series of rollers which gives the film a better structural finish.

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