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Discover AVPack's technologically advanced Multi-Layer Cast Film and Blown Film products, specifically designed to meet diverse packaging needs. Our STRETCHFLEX® range offers impressive advantages for various applications.




  • Multi-Layer Versatility: Our cast film stretch products come in multi-layer versions, providing enhanced features for your packaging requirements.

  • Exceptional Load Retention: Count on AVPack's cast film stretch products for their outstanding load-retaining capability, ensuring the secure bundling of your goods.

  • High Puncture and Tear Resistance:These products exhibit superior resistance to film punctures and tears, guaranteeing the integrity of your packaged items.

  • Superior Film Clarity: AVPack's cast film stretch products offer excellent film clarity, allowing for easy visibility and identification of your products.

  • Cling Varieties: Choose from single-sided or two-sided cling varieties based on your specific needs.

Thinner Gauges, Optimal Performance: Our cast film stretch products are known for their thinner gauge films without compromising performance.




  • Superior Load-Holding Capability: AVPack's blown film stretch products excel in providing unmatched load-holding capabilities, ensuring your goods are securely packaged during transit.

  • High Puncture and Tear Resistance: Benefit from very high levels of puncture and tear resistance, offering extra protection to your packaged items.

  • High Cling Levels: Our blown film stretch products feature high cling levels, ensuring a tight and secure wrap.


Technical Data Specifications Range


Width: Choose from a range of 100mm to 1500mm to meet your specific packaging width requirements.

Length: Select lengths from 50m to 3500m to match your packaging needs.

Micron: Our products are available in a range of thicknesses, from 8μm to 50μm.


These technical specifications provide the flexibility to tailor our products to your exact specifications and packaging requirements.

AVPack Pallet Wrap Stretch Wrap

High Stretch Function


Excellent Optics


Load Protection 


High Resistance

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